Keynote Speakers

Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Lt. Brett Gary

Lieutenant Gary has completed over 19 years of active duty Coast Guard service and is currently assigned to Force Readiness Command’s Performance Technology Center located in Yorktown, Virginia. As a member of the Performance Intervention Branch, he is responsible for the design and development of Coast Guard Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) products. The Branch produces interventions based upon analysis and focused on supporting human performance in arenas determined to have the most significant return-on- investment (ROI) and organizational impact. Additionally, the Branch maintains the Coast Guard’s ADL Standard Operating Procedures, protocols, and products and provides guidance, consultation, and resources to training and assessment units in the development, evaluation, and life-cycle maintenance of all ADL products. Lieutenant Gary’s previous Coast Guard assignments include serving as the Executive Officer of Maritime Safety and Security Team Miami in Homestead, Florida; serving as the Basic Law Enforcement School Chief at the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, South Carolina; and serving as the Sector Boston Enforcement Division Chief in Boston, Massachusetts. He also completed eight years of enlisted service as an Operations Specialist prior to receiving his commission through Officer Candidate School in 2007. Lieutenant Gary received a Baccalaureate of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2008 and recently completed a Master of Science in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University in 2017.

Human Performance Technology and Instructional Design: Supporting Coast Guard Mission Readiness

This presentation will discuss the role of human performance technology and instructional design in preparing the Coast Guard workforce to meet complex, multi-mission demands. The process begins with a systematic analysis producing data driven conclusions and performance intervention recommendations. Performance factors critical to making appropriate intervention selection will be highlighted, along with an overview of the Coast Guard’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) product lines and the instructional design process related to product development. LT Gary will offer insight into instructional systems technology from the government perspective, highlighting some of the unique challenges of design in a world of governance and standardization. Finally, being a recent IU IST graduate, he will offer a reflection on how he’s applied what he learned as a new practitioner in the Coast Guard.